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CookieCutter Sublime Text Snippet Package Template

Template for quickly creating a package of Sublime Text snippets.


When using this template, creating a new Sublime Text Package with snippets is:

  • Quick: Making a copy of this template is very fast with cookiecutter (see more details below).
  • Easy: You don't have to worry about writing any boilerplate code!
  • Robust: The template is robust enough to handle the diverse use-cases you may have.
  • Standardized: Using this template allows you to make best practices normal and easy to follow.


This package is designed to be used with cookiecutter. Installing cookiecutter can be as easy as:

pip install cookiecutter --user

but there are other options as well (see the cookiecutter documentation).

Once cookiecutter is installed, simply run the following command which will prompt you for some values (which it will use to fill out the template) and create a new, ready-to-go directory for your Sublime Text package in the current working directory.

# This will ask you to give some input values and will then create a basic
# package for you based on those values in the current directory.
$ cookiecutter

Once you have created a snippet repository using this template, it's easy to update the package's version using [bumpversion](TODO: ADD LINK HERE). Running bumpversion patch will automatically increment the patch version number in the package's readme file. bumpversion minor will increment the minor version number in the same place and bumpversion major will do the same with the major version number.