Place to prepare proposal to FHIR about JSON, JSON-Schema, Swagger/OpenAPI, JSON native databases and other JSON-frendly formats (yaml, edn, avro, protobuf etc) and technologies
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FHIR fuel

Place to prepare proposals to FHIR standard about JSON, JSON-schema, Swagger/OpenAPI integration, native JSON databases and other JSON-like formats (yaml, avro, edn).


Design of FHIR formats, to be honest, was essentially driven by XML and Object Oriented implementations. Not so much attention was given to design idiomatic JSON format. JSON and other JSON like formats like yaml, edn, avro are very popular in avantе-garde of programmers, some modern databases now could understad JSON as first-class data-structures, that’s why we think, good design for it is strictly required for FHIR adoption.


  • Use issues to start discussion of relevant ideas.
  • We could dump some consensus into repository as some artifacts.
  • Informal rules could be formulated in wiki.
  • Create stream in (integrate github)
  • Live discussions using youtube/hangout