Dynamic Document for Minimum Wage Policy Estimates in the US
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Dynamic Document for Minimum Wage Policy Estimates in the US.

The goal is to provide a completely transparent and reproducible version of the policy analysis regarding the effects of raising the minimum wage in the US. Our starting point is the 2014 report from the Congressional Budget Office on the issue.

All the elements needed to produce this website are in one single file: dd_cbo_mw.Rmd. Download it, run it using RStudio and modify it any way you want.

You are encourage to suggest modifications or updates to this analysis.

To do's:

  • write everything in short functions
  • describe each function in detail
  • Add checkpoint
  • push rawdata to dataverse
  • sort into components into research, data, guesswork
  • clean DD and add more detail
  • deploy shiny app
  • review/disable warning messages
  • number all equations
  • hierarchical display (options: section folding, child docs, tabbed sections)