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Changes to minibufexpl.vim #19

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I made the changes in the pull request to support files with "~" that were not working well.

Also some modifications to use the plugin with VIM 7.0 that I have in some computers where I work.




Le sigh. Open source software loves you too.

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@zzzzer zzzzer referenced this pull request from a commit in zzzzer/dotvim
@futuro futuro Fixed incompatibility with tilde characters in filenames
When trying to open files that have a tilde in the name, the search
function in <SID>StartExplorer (roughly line 120 of the function)
interprets the tilde character as a search special character,
specifically matching the last given substitute string (:h /~). Since
this is probably not what was desired when expanding the buffer name, I
have pulled the code from [here], specifically for escaping the tilde
character. I'm not certain why this bit hasn't been pulled, since there
is a pull [request] for it, but it's possible it's because the requester
had a [commit] that was more or less a complete deletion of the plugin.

So anyways, I'm hoping that this request will be pulled, because I
really enjoy this plugin and I want it to work well with the Man plugin
(which names buffers as "<man page name>.~"). The code I pulled was
written by "rmercado", or r_mercado at o2 dot co dot uk, but I haven't
included any of the work that makes MiniBufExplorer work with vim 7.0,
since that's outside the scope of my use.

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Commits on Jul 7, 2011
  1. Fix to support files with tilde

    rmercado authored
  2. avoid status line display errors in version 7.0

    rmercado authored
Commits on Sep 24, 2011
  1. @yut45390
  2. @yut45390

    no comment

    yut45390 authored
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