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@fholger fholger released this Aug 24, 2014 · 52 commits to master since this release

This is a relatively minor update. I am releasing it primarily because in the last two releases I forgot to update the Toolkit libs. The old toolkit lib did not properly export single note frethand mutes, so they don't show up in the tabs properly. This release fixes it.

Additional changes:

  • Can supply more than one input file to the program, and simple glob style (_) file matching is supported. So you could do RocksmithToTab.exe \path\to\Rocksmith2014\dlc\_.psarc to convert all your dlc content.
  • With the parameter --xml, all input files are treated as xml arrangements. Primarily useful during CDLC creation.
  • For custom DLCs, the program tries to extract the CDLC author and CDLC version. Both are written in the comments section of the song information in Guitar Pro.
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