EarthExplorer guide

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This guide will show you how to download AGL data with ~30m resolution. You will need gdal_translate to convert the files.

  • Linux install: sudo apt install gdal-bin
  • Windows install []

Select area you are interested in When you define your area go to Data Sets tab Choose Digital Elevation->SRTM->SRTM 1 Arc-Second Global data set and click Results >> Enable Show All Footprints From Current Page and select tile you want to download Find Record with the same number as the pop-up and click on the download icon Download DTED 1 Arc-second file Open terminal in the directory containing the downloaded file.

Get tile id from the record pop-up (eg Entity ID: SRTM1N48E017V3)

Execute this command to convert DT2 file to HGT

gdal_translate -of SRTMHGT [downloaded file].dt2 [tile id].HGT

Now you can use the generated HGT file in your SkyDrop

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