Navigation and aerodrome files

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Since Firmware V3793 SkyDrop offers a simple form of navigation. The idea is, to set a specific position called HOME to be the target of the navigation. There are a number of widgets allowing you to navigate to HOME:

  • Home (Arrow): This widgets displays an arrow pointing into the direction where HOME is.
  • Home (Distance): It displays the number of kilometers or miles to HOME.
  • Home (Time): The number of minutes to reach HOME. This will only show a value if the pilot flies in the direction of HOME.

These widgets can be used on the screen and configured like any other widgets.

Selection of HOME

HOME can be set in two different ways. The default is to set HOME to the current GPS position, whenever SkyDrop detects a lift off or the pilot starts it manually. This mode allows the pilot to return to the starting point.

The second way is to select HOME from a list of files, stored on the SD card. These files typically either describe different landing points or aerodromes for paramotor pilots. By selecting the appropriate file, the associated position is used as HOME. This allows the pilot to navigate to a previously selected position. By changing files during flight, it can be used to navigate to multiple waypoints.

The mode of operations is set in the settings menu of SkyDrop under "homes".

Generating HOME files

The files can be either written manually or by using the HOME generator:

File format of HOMES

Every home position is stored in an individual file, stored on the SD card of SkyDrop in the directory "HOMES". The file can have an arbitrary file name and must contain the following lines.

NAME: Grabenstetten
LOC: 48.53616666666667N 9.437E
ELEV: 2329
RWY: 12/30
FREQ: 130.125
INFO: C: 07382/820 PPR: 0172/8787715

Most of these lines are optional, however "Name" and "LOC" are mandatory.

Information about HOME

There is also a widget called "Home (Info)" which shows the above information from the file. This can be useful during flight to know this.

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