UART conectivity

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UART interface is used for debugging during firmware development. However you can use it for direct telemetry output for kobo with XCSoar, TopHat or LK8000.

We are happy that you want to connect our device to kobo, but we can't cover any damaged caused by your soldering skills in warranty. We have enlarged the pads and expose it as much as we can, just be careful :-)


Uart is available next to display. There are 4 pin holes with 100mil spacing.

  • VCC - marked as VCC, outputs 3.3V
  • RX - marked with arrow in
  • TX - marked with arrow out
  • GND - marked as standard GND signal
Please use voltmeter to verify the VCC and GND pins they are swapped in different hardware revision


You need to enable uart output in settings->advanced->uart function. Please select telmetry and set your baud rate.

Supported baud rates are:

  • 9600
  • 19200
  • 38400
  • 57600
  • 115200
Note: Debug msg option outputs debugging information (same as DEBUG.log) at baud rate 921600

Supported protocols

You can choose your protocol in Bluetooth->protocol

  • DigiFly
  • LK8EX1
  • BlueFly (only pressure value is implemented)
  • SkyDrop (experimental only)
When Forward GPS option is on, SkyDrop will formward GGA and RMC sentences from his GPS module
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