Fast screen mirroring via adb
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Fast screen mirroring via adb

This application is for using your smartphone via remote display. I am using this to integrate screencast to my car display using OrangePiPC. It can be used with any linux PC or SBC (RaspberryPi, BabananaPi, *Pi, ...)

I am using binaries from openstf to stream screen and to emulate touch. Great project!


car implementation

demo on desktop


You will need adb, python2.7 and python-pygame to run the application

apt install adb python2.7 python-pygame

adbmirror contains all necesery files to run the application, no compilation required.

  1. Enable USB debugging in Developer options on your device.
  2. Go to the directory and run ./ script.
  3. Approve usb debugging for your computer.
  4. Enjoy!

If you longpress left border, you can change device orientation and display soft buttons

How it works - startup script
 ├check device for SDK, ABI, REL and device resolution
 ├push minicap and minitouch binaries
 ├install RotationWatcher.apk if it is needed
 ├forward ports from device to localhost
 ├start GUI - graphical interface, thread manager
 │ ├spawn capclient thread - read from minicap using socket
 │ │ └run minicap on device via adb
 │ ├spawn touchclient thread - write to minitouch using socket
 │ │ └run minitouch on device via adb
 │ ├spawn rotclient thread - read rotation using stdin
 │ │ └exec RotationWatcher.adb on device via adb
 │ └spawn adbclient thread - send additional commands like via adb, monitor connection
 │   └run adb shell 
 └Remove binaries from device


There are precompiled binaries adbmirror/bin so this is not necessary.

You can rebuild openstf binaries using script ./

If you want to rebuild RotationWatcher.apk follow the instructions inside the submodule

Common problems

  • Xiaomi phones might want to have additional permission USB debugging (Security setting) for touch input