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easyNWK Web

This project aims to provide a modern web-based version of the easyNWK. The easyNWK is an egocentric network visualization tool for social workers and healthcare professionals based on the book Soziale Diagnostik by Peter Pantuček-Eisenbacher. This tool supports the collection, reflection, and analysis of contact persons for social support.

This projects is a follow-up to:

Development lifecycle

  • installs the dependencies
npm install
  • compiles and hot-reloads for development
npm run serve
  • compiles and minifies for production
npm run build
  • lints and fixes files
npm run lint


The current state of the main branch can be previewed at


Karin Goger provided extensive domain experience in social diagnostics, valuable feedback, and contacts to professionals. Further thanks to all interviewed persons and testers.

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This work was partly funded by the BMDW through the programme "Digital Innovation Hubs in Österreich" and Lower Austria (sprint 1, sprint 2); and the Erasmus+ project TransSoDia cofunded by the European Union.