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Unsplash It Sketch Plugin

Unsplash It Sketch Plugin Icon

A plugin to quickly include great looking images from Unsplash in your Sketch projects. Because being able to quickly iterate on UI is important but also having great photography as placeholders is not that bad.

A last update on UnsplashIt (probably)

I'm very happy that Sketch now supports natively the feature the plugin was developed for, so I see no reason anymore for keeping this project alive.

The plugin will remain online but won't be updated or maintained anymore. There no need for it, go ahead and download the latest Sketch. It's awesome.


Thank you so much to everyone who showed interest, used and supported Unsplash It since I published it.

This started just as a way to implement a feature we needed internally at Ourfires, I honestly didn't expect such a response at all. Again, thank you so much, and I'm sorry for the slow communication and very sparse updates and fixes.

A special thank to Timuric who helped me in in a moment when I was completely stuck, and of course to other guys who contributed.

If you want to get in touch with me, or get updates on other projects, follow me on Twitter


Plugin Demo



  • Included a Settings dialog to set size multiplier for the image to fetch.
  • Compatibility with the official plugin update system (test).


  • Fixed all the compatibilty issues with Sketch 4.


  • Switched to the Unsplash Source API.
  • You can now specify tags, between square brackets, in the layer name. ( e.g. [bird, sea] ). If no image is available for the search tags you choose, you get a default image with "We coulnd' find that photo" on it.
  • Removed options, since to blur and desaturate the image is fairly easy to do using default Sketch tools.

Next iteration

  • With the layer selected, being able to navigate to the picture page URL on Unsplash.


With Sketchpacks

Install PLUGIN NAME with Sketchpacks

Installation via Sketch Plugin Manager:

  1. In the 'Catalog' tab of the Sketch Plugin Manager window, click in the 'Search' field and type 'Unsplash', to filter the list.
  2. You will see the 'Unsplash It' plugin listed at the top of the list. Click the 'Instal' button inside it.

With Sketch Toolbox

  1. Look for "Unsplash It" in Sketch Toolbox
  2. Click on "Install"


  1. Download Zip and Extract it to a folder
  2. In Sketch app Plugins > Reveal Plugins folder...
  3. Place the extracted folder directly to the Plugins folder


  1. Create one or more shapes and select them
  2. Run the plugin from the plugins menu or you can use the shortcut cmd + shift + u
  3. That's it, your shape(s) will become beautiful placeholder images


Name your layer according to the content of the image you need, using tags in square brackets. e.g. a layer named Rectangle [food] would only fill with images of food.

Help me improve this plugin

To propose changes, fork the repository and submit a pull request. Thanks!


Reach out to @ManueleCapacci on Twitter


This plugin exists thanks to the work of Scott Webb, the curators, photographers and all the people involved in Unsplash; and David Marby & Nijiko Yonskai for

A huge thank to Timur Carpeev, “timuric” and Stan Rosenthal “nolastan” for the help they gave me with this plugin.


A plugin to quickly include great looking image from in your Sketch projects.






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