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Utility for converting captures from an MT9P031 to Adobe DNG files
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Conversion program to go from the raw output from a MT9P031 sensor on an LI-5M03 camera module to a DNG file that can be processed by dcraw.

This requires a patched libtiff 3.8.2. To patch, download and unzip libtiff-3.8.2. Then run:

cd tiff-3.8.2 patch -p1 < pathto/libtiff.patch

Example usage

This assumes that a 1280x720 sized frame was captured from the MT9P031 and saved to input.bin

li5m03_dng -w 1280 -h 720 -g 100 input.bin 
dcraw out.dng 
display out.ppm


  1. Fix color conversion matrix stored in DNG file. It is clearly wrong, but not so bad as to be unusable for debug
  2. Fix white balance
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