Simplification of dtach to prevent things from blocking a tty
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nbtty runs a command with a pty that discards output from the command rather than blocking. This is useful for commands that log output and for whatever reason output is redirected to a location that can't keep up. Rather than slowing or stopping the program, it can just keep going none the wiser.

This program also polls the terminal for its dimensions using ANSI escape sequences. This is needed to pass on the size over a serial console since SIGWINCH doesn't work.

The whole point of this program to make the Elixir IEx console in Nerves projects work well. The blocking issue became especially problematic when the IEx console was redirected over a USB gadget serial port.

This is a substantially trimmed down and modified fork of dtach. A huge thanks goes out to Ned T. Crigler for this useful tool. Ned - if you're reading this and don't recognize your code, sorry, I kind of butchered it.


nbtty [--tty <tty path>] <command> [args...]

If you specify --tty, nbtty will use that tty instead of stdin/stdout. It will additionally retry opening the tty if it doesn't exist on start. This is useful for getting around the problem where Elixir code initializes a tty that provides the main console.


You need some build tools for this project. In Ubuntu, you can install them with the following:

sudo apt install build-essential automake autoconf

To build:


At the end of the commands, you will have nbtty in the project root directory.


Since nbtty derives from dtach, much of it is Copyright © 2004-2016 Ned T. Crigler. Like dtach, nbtty is distributed under the General Public License. See COPYING for details.