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Frank Hunleth

Frank Hunleth has been designing embedded software professionally since the 90s. He specializes in embedded Linux based development and is a frequent contributor to several open-source projects. He has a passion for improving the quality and robustness of his designs and currently leads the open-source Nerves Project to further the use of the Erlang in embedded devices.

His work can be seen in the LKC RETeval diabetic retinopathy screening device, the Kodak HD Theater media player, LG TVs with Magic Motion remote controls, and Control4 media players. He also has worked on several successful, but less visible projects in the telecom and defense industries. He has been awarded six patents with others pending.


The Troodon (pronounced tro-a-don) is believed to be one of the smartest dinosaurs based on its brain to body mass ratio. Due to slender stature and strong legs, the Troodon was both fast and nimble.


This website uses Jekyll with a lot of help from Jekyll Bootstrap. The theme is a modified version of "tom."

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