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(ns gabo.util)
(defmacro define-is-token-funcs
"Given a list of keywords k1, k2, ..., kn
this macro will define functions is-k1, is-k2, ... is-kn
where each one takes as input a token and returns true if the
token matches the given type
Example: (define-is-token-funcs :foo :bar)
will define two functions (is-foo [token]) and (is-bar [token]) which
test that the token is of type :foo and :bar respectively."
[& token-types]
(cons 'do
(map (fn [token-type]
`(defn ~(symbol (str "is-" (name token-type)))
~(str "Returns true if the given token is of type " token-type ", false otherwise")
[token#] (= (first token#) ~token-type)))
(defmacro when-match
(when-match string
[sym1 regex1] form1
[symN regexN] formN)
Usage: matches string to every regex, if there is a match then
the form will be evaluated and returned.
[string & forms]
(cons `cond
(loop [form-pairs (partition 2 forms)
result []]
(if (empty? form-pairs)
(let [[[sym regex] body] (first form-pairs)]
(recur (rest form-pairs)
(conj result
`(re-find ~regex ~string)
`(let [~sym (re-find ~regex ~string)]