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admin_assistant is a Rails plugin that automates a lot of features typically needed in admin controllers. It is written and maintained by Francis Hwang.


  • Built-in model creation, updating, and deletion.
  • Live querying of models, which allows incremental development of controllers without the maintenance problems of generated code.
  • Paginated indexes with built-in field-ordering.
  • Highly customizable search that allows customization of individual fields, numerical comparators, and boolean operators.
  • Built-in Ajax autocompleters for handling belongs-to associations.
  • Built-in widgets for handling polymorphic belongs-to associations.
  • Built-in support for images with Paperclip.
  • Heavily hookable interface allows customization of columns, search parameters, form inputs, parameter handling, and model creation.


admin_assistant 2.x is only compatible with Rails 3.

If you'd like to get admin_assistant for Rails 2.1.x through Rails 2.3.x, you can install the most recent version of admin_assistant 1.x. Note that admin_assistant 1 is deprecated, and that will only see bugfixes from now on. Click here for admin_assistant 1.x documentation.

The full list of admin_assistant versions can be seen here.

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Check out our screenshots, who's using admin_assistant, or our design principles.

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