A curated list of awesome jq tools and resources.
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Awesome jq Awesome ./jq

A curated list of awesome things built with the JSON processor and turing-complete functional language jq.

Inspired by the awesome list.


jq-based JSON visualizers and explorers.


  • jq (github) – jq itself, the command-line JSON processor.
  • yq (and xq) – jq wrapper for YAML and XML documents.
  • ijqjq REPL with automatic variable assignment and global statements support.
  • jqsh – An interactive wrapper written in Go.
  • jiq – A visual command-line interactive JSON explorer with jq filters.
  • jqr – A pure-bash jq REPL.


  • jiq-web (github) – jiq, but in a web page.
  • jq play (github) – A playground for jq with sharing capabilities.
  • jq-finder (github) – A multipanel, Finder-like, JSON explorer with jq filters instead of paths.
  • jqaasjq as a service, an open HTTP endpoint that executes jq queries.


  • jqi (github) – The almighty jq processor wrapped in a graphical UI, for Mac OSX.


  • atom-jq – Interactive jq playground inside the Atom editor.
  • jq-mode – A jq mode for Emacs.
  • vscode-jq – A jq extension for VS Code.


Readings about jq.

Core documentation

Tutorials and articles

Code examples

Use Cases

Apps using jq in the wild.

  • jqt (github) – A web template engine that uses jq as expression language.
  • Vudash – A flexible and JSON-powered configurable open-source dashboard with support for a jq transformer.
  • jq-voronoi – Implementation of Fortune’s algorithm to calculate Voronoi diagram on jq.
  • bf.jq – A Brainfuck interpreter written in jq.
  • just-dashboard – A serverless app for implementing JSON-powered dashboards with JSON or YAML files (and jq filters as strings) serving as the only source of configuration.
  • jtooljq-based JSON tools for a modern shell.

Libraries and tools for jq itself

Incrementing jq capabilities.

  • jqnpm (github) – A jq package manager that installs modules from GitHub and runs jq scripts.
  • JBOL – A collection of utility modules for jq (math, prelude, set, string etc.).
  • bigint, array, string and other librariesjq libraries from the author of jqnpm.

External libraries

Using jq from other languages.

  • jackson-jqjq extension for the Java Jackson JSON Processor.
  • jq-webjq compiled to JavaScript with emscripten.
  • node-jq – A simple jq wrapper for Node.js.
  • ruby-jq – A humble jq wrapper for Ruby.
  • pyjq – An honest jq wrapper for Python.
  • php-ext-jq – PHP extension for running jq queries.
  • java-jq – A lightweight jq wrapper for Java.
  • jqr – R interface to jq.
  • jq-in-the-browser – Early-stage jq port in pure JavaScript.


Please contribute! Open an issue or a PR and we’ll discuss it or merge it. If you’re opening a PR, please ensure all formatting is ok (if you’re in a hurry just open an issue).