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A curated list of awesome lnurl things.
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Awesome lnurl Awesome ./jq

A curated list of awesome things related to the lnurl super-protocol for interaction between Lightning wallets and third-party services.


Readings about lnurl.

  • The spec – The confusing, but honest, lnurl spec, by Anton Kumaigorodski, the enigmatic one-man coding machine.
  • lnurl-pay for everything – an article about how lnurl-pay can bring China's QR frenzy to the rest of the world in a non-socialist manner.
  • lnurl-withdraw flow – One of those incomprehensible program action-data flows detailing how lnurl-withdraw takes place.
  • lnurl-pay flow – Same as above, but for lnurl-pay.


Apps and services supporting lnurl in the wild.


  • lntorub – Build reusable URLs that allow you to recharge Russian, phones, send money to Russian cards and recharge Skype globally.
  • lnurlpayserver – An easy to host server that talks to your lnd, Spark or @lntxbot nodes and allows you to generate and serve lnurls and manage items in a physical shop.
  • – Static donation lnurls that send money directly to your node, noncustodially. Ideal for street musicians.
  • @lntxbot allows you to send money to anyone using a fixed lnurl. It can be printed and shared at will. It's basically an old-style address.


  • Etleneum – The only supported login method is lnurl.


  • A big collection of services allow you to withdraw your balances with lnurl: Etleneum, Paywall, Microbet, Kriptode,,,
  • GraafOne – Allows you to buy Bitcoin in Canada and withdraw directly to your lnurl-powered wallet.
  • Lightning Gifts – Gifts are redeemable with lnurl; you can even print your gifts and people can scan them without visiting the site!
  • – Provides static lnurl rechargeable faucets you can print, email or easily embed!
  • @arcbtc's TheFossa – A DIY ATM machine that eats coins and spits out sats.
  • Sinclair Faucet – A faucet generator that creates printable lnurl codes withdrawable multiple times.
  • LightningCashback – A POS system that prints lnurl QR codes containing your change in receipts (fiat onramp?).
  • @21isenough's LightningATM – A DIY ATM machine that eats coins and spits out sats.
  • @lntxbot – You can extract your balance from the Telegram bot to another wallet with lnurl, or even share withdraw codes so you can physically pay friends.


  • LNBIG – Get free inbound channels on your mobile wallet from this mysterious entity.
  • Bitrefill's Thor – Buy a reliable incoming channel from this super liquid node, or get a turbo channel from which you can spend immediately.


Some wallets that support lnurl.

  • Bitcoin Lightning Wallet – BLW supports lnurl-pay, lnurl-withdraw, lnurl-auth and lnurl-channel.
  • @lntxbot – supports lnurl-pay, lnurl-withdraw and lnurl-auth.
  • Zeus – supports lnurl-pay and lnurl-withdraw.
  • Breez – supports lnurl-channel and lnurl-withdraw.
  • BlueWallet – supports lnurl-withdraw.
  • Zap – supports lnurl-withdraw.
  • Wallet of Satoshi – supports lnurl-withdraw and lnurl-channel.
  • c-lightning with the lnurl plugin – RPC methods that perform the lnurl-channel, lnurl-auth and lnurl-withdraw flows.


Integrate lnurl in projects and services.

  • go-lnurllnurl helper structs, encode/decode, verify signatures, misc helpers.
  • lnurl-node – CLI tool and lnurl server in Node.js.
  • js-lnurl – Tools for adding lnurl support in a JavaScript wallet.
  • php-lnurl – Easy PHP encoding and decoding of bech32 lnurls.
  • python-lnurl – Tools for dealing with lnurl in Python.
  • lnurl-rust – Rust helpers for lnurl.


Stuff for using and playing with lnurl.

  • SeedAuth – A service that allows you to login to lnurl-auth services using just a username and password.
  • lnurl playground – A simple tool that allows you to try and see how your wallet interacts with an lnurl server.


Please contribute! Open an issue or a PR and we’ll discuss it or merge it. If you’re opening a PR, please ensure all formatting is ok (if you’re in a hurry just open an issue).



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