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Classless for Hexo

This Hugo theme features the basic Classless templates for your posts and list of posts. One of the themes supported on Classless may be chosen from your site's config.toml, along with the hash of the commit which you want to reference. That is needed because the provider,, needs that to serve cached, cdnized versions of the themes hosted on

Parameters from your _config.yml used in this theme:



  path: ''
  per_page: 10
  order_by: -date


theme: classless
title: # your site must have a title.
description: # you site must have a description.

  theme: # the theme name, taken from
  commit_sha: # the last commit sha from,
              # used to generate the URL.
  theme_url: # alternatively, a full URL to the CSS that specifies the classless theme.
  nav: # an array of objects with .label and .url:
    - label: Home
      url: /
    - label: Archives
      url: /archives/
  date_format: 'MMMM Do YYYY'
  show_excerpts: true
  read_more: 'Read more...'

# all other settings are not explicitly used by the classless theme (but many are still
# useful to have in your configs, as they are used by Hexo itself).
# if you don't set a .theme and .commit_sha (or .theme_url), a random Classless theme
# will be included for you, and a poorly designed widget will appear on your site from
# which you'll be able to select themes and experiment with them before choosing one to
# write to your config file.

To set the content on the body > aside and on the body > footer elements, create a source/aside.(html|md) and a source/footer.(html|md), set a title: 'aside' and title: 'footer' to them and write what you want to them. If you don't do this your site will have some stupid default texts on these important elements.