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@fibo fibo added Element-class 52d812b
@fibo fibo Updated Conventions (markdown) 36b182f
@fibo fibo updated Real classes f5bc996
@fibo fibo updating docs from tests 219f601
@fibo fibo better add submodule command a834765
@fibo fibo better inheritance description b58c9c7
@fibo fibo wiki as submodule command e345220
@fibo fibo added getData 6eb18a1
@fibo fibo added class d4694d6
@fibo fibo updated class page c804128
@fibo fibo added class page 47d64c2
@fibo fibo added class page 4c9f19f
@fibo fibo added real element class 4a7377a
@fibo fibo first class 99286de
@fibo fibo added some abstract classes 5aa69ab
@fibo fibo added separator 517a8ab
@fibo fibo added separators c2e777d
@fibo fibo added TODO page 1fc31a8
@fibo fibo abstract RingElement 5486bce
@fibo fibo added Exceptions 00325d0
@fibo fibo cannot find raw image url on github 36fe752
@fibo fibo a RingElement is an Element 31b2c09
@fibo fibo added first cover eba46ad
@fibo fibo added Collection b8963a3
@fibo fibo added RingElement 561b4e7
@fibo fibo added getCoordinate 3410c8c
@fibo fibo added first module page 3aab703
@fibo fibo few modifications ecedf59
@fibo fibo more conventions a8d6d30
@fibo fibo added Conventions ff74910
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