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A thing (forked from the ficly_export repo) to create a static ficlets archive.
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The Ficlets Export Project

This won't do you much good if you don't have the data, but this is my attempt to turn the old Ficlets Archive into a static export. I ended up building a Rails app and then writing a bunch of rake tasks and and after_action filter to just dump out all the files as cleanly as possible. It's a shameless clone of the Ficly Export, with a few things changed to work with ficlets instead.

It took too long, but it works.

Local Setup


  • Ruby 2.6.5
  • MySQL or MariaDB
    • The default database.yml is localhost, and root w/out a password.
    • The database name is ficlets_export

Getting the Data

Everything is in db/export. To import the authors, stories and comments, you can run:

  • Create the local database: rake db:create
  • You need to untar (cd db/export && tar zxvf *.tar.gz) all the backup files. Commiting over 100k small json files into git just felt rude.
  • Import everything: rake export:import -- It will probably take a while to import everything.
  • Import the tags...
    • run rails c
    • then Story.clean_tags, which will clean all the tags in the stories.
    • then Tag.generate_tags, which will pull all the tags from the stories and create Tag records for them. Both of those will take a while.

Setting up Rails

  • You'll need to install Ruby 2.6.5 however you want to make that happen.
  • Install the bundler gem: gem install bundler
  • bundle

And there you go!


  • Could be better looking, especially on mobile. You're welcome to help with that and submit a pull request!
  • Speed up the export process. You're also welcome to help with that. To look at the monster as it is, check out lib/tasks/export.rake.
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