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Factor Ultra Theme

A modern one page Factor theme for personal or portfolio exposure with unique effects and features.

Live demo:

Installing & Customizing Themes


To install theme just add to your Factor app's project dependencies:

$ cd my-project
$ yarn add @factor/theme-ultra

How to use the Ultra theme

  1. Go to @apps/docs/package.json in dependencies replace the default @theme for "@factor/theme-ultra": "1.0.0-alpha.7"
  2. Go to @apps/docs/.factor/loader-app.js and add this line files["ultra"] = require("@factor/theme-ultra").default
  3. Go to @apps/docs/.factor/loader-server.js and add this line files["ultra"] = require("@factor/theme-ultra").default
  4. Go to @apps/docs/.factor/loader-settings.js and replace the default theme for the ultra theme if for example the default theme is files["docs"] = require("@factor/theme-docs/src/factor-settings.js").default remove that line of code and add this one files["ultra"] = require("@factor/theme-ultra/src/factor-settings.js").default
  5. Finally run in your terminal yarn workspace @apps/docs factor dev and open the http://localhost:3000/ in the browser.

Note: All the values are dynamic, you can change any value in the @factor/@themes/theme-ultra/src/factor-settings.js file.


This theme uses Factor's native theme settings system.

Copy the factor-settings.js file and place in your applications source folder src.

Edit the settings you'd like to change, the result will be merged with the theme settings file.


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