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Fictive Kin

Fictive Kin is a digital engineering & design studio in Brooklyn. We make web & mobile products for select clients.

Popular repositories

  1. openrecipes Public archive

    An open database of recipe bookmarks

    Python 561 114

  2. webshell Public archive

    A console-based JavaScripty web client utility (using node.js)

    JavaScript 314 26

  3. A simple PHP library for doing RESTful HTTP stuff

    JavaScript 144 13

  4. funnel Public archive

    An easy way to fetch aggregate metrics from various sources, and transport them into StatsD.

    JavaScript 20 4

  5. Python 14 6

  6. nagios-jsoneval Public archive

    Abitrary JSON Query/Evaluation (Nagios Plugin)

    JavaScript 4 2


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