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Kivy for IOS

(This is a work in progress.)

  1. Using brew, you can install dependencies:

    brew install autoconf automake libtool pkg-config mercurial
    brew link libtool
    brew link mercurial
  2. Install Cython:

    # easy-install method
    sudo easy_install cython
    # pip method if available (sudo might be needed.)
    pip install cython
  3. Build the whole toolchain with tools/

  4. Create an Xcode project for your application with tools/ test /path/to/app

  5. Open your newly created Xcode project

  6. Ensure code signing is setup correctly

  7. Click on play


A build phase is added to the project that processes and moves your app's files to the Xcode project before every build. If you would like to handle this process manually, remove the "Run Script" build phase from your target and use tools/ /path/to/app after every change. You can also change the path to your app by modifying this build phase.

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