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Linode Python Bindings

The bindings consist of three pieces:
  - Core library that manages authentication and api calls
  - A command line interface to that allows you to invoke
      a specific api command quickly
  - An object oriented interface to inspired by django

For definitive documentation on how the api works please visit:

API Keys

When creating an api object you may specify the key manually, or use the
Api.user_getapikey which will return your apikey as well as set the internal
key that will be used for subsequent api calls.

Both the and have mechanisms to pull the api key from the
environment variable LINODE_API_KEY as well.


Batching should be used with care, once enabled all api calls are cached until
Api.batchFlush() is called, however you must remember the order in which calls
were made as that's the order of the list returned to you