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-- Support for Kiwi package manager
-- Support for NPM package manager
+## Soon
+- Support MULTI/EXEC/DISCARD. This is a little tricky given that its
+ referred to as a "transaction" (but it's really a macro). The API
+ must clearly define what the hell is going on in error cases, etc.
+## Later
+- Support for NPM package manager
- Create a free list for request buffers instead of allocating one for each request?
-- Provide wrapper around pretty-raw sort method?
-- Consistent hashing ala redis-rb and txRedisAPI
-- JS object-redis mapper using just redis hashes
- - note: no nested objects in redis' hashes (so no nested lists, sets, hashes)
+- Provide wrapper around the pretty-raw sort method?
+## Maybe
+- Add support for consistent hashing ala redis-rb and txRedisAPI
+- Add a higher-level interface similar to Ohm (Ruby)

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