Some elementary (xe)tex templates and css files for Pandoc, for use with latex-custom-kjh
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Pandoc Templates


Some very rudimentary pandoc templates, meant to go in ~/.pandoc/templates, be pointed to directly with the --template= or --css switches as appropriate, and used with what's provided in latex-custom-kjh.

Pandoc is really terrific and, I find, much more flexible than MultiMarkdown. So I've started to experiment with it a bit. Taking advantage of its capabilities in Emacs is made easier by Joost Kremers' pandoc minor-mode. The latter is included with my fork of the Emacs Starter Kit.


  • The CSS template is a first cut at getting an article-like format similar to the layout of my own website.
  • The xetex template is meant to be used with everything provided in latex-custom-kjh. If you rename article-xelatex.template or referee-xelatex.template to latex.template in ~/.pandoc/templates/ it will override pandoc's default template (and very likely break any setup that doesn't look just like mine).


Kieran Healy,