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2.0.0 (2012-XX-XX)

  • Refactored the Propel implementation to get rid of the UserProxy
  • Changed the expectation for FOS\UserBundle\Model\GroupableInterface#getGroups to Traversable
  • Moved the role constants to the UserInterface instead of the abstract User class
  • Refactored the Doctrine implementations to use the same manager classes
  • Removed the custom uniqueness validation in favor of the core constraints
  • Added getRedirectionUrl method to ProfileController
  • Added an extension point in the registration handler
  • Moved the generation of the token to a dedicated class
  • Added new user provider classes. They should be preferred over using the UserManager as UserProvider.
  • Removed the custom password validation in favor of the Symfony 2.1 constraint
  • Refactored the translation of form labels using the translation_domain option of Symfony 2.1

1.2.4 (2012-07-10)

This release fixes another security issue. Please update to it as soon as possible.

  • Fixes a security issue where the session could be hijacked

1.2.3 (2012-07-10)

  • Fixed the serialization of users to include the id

1.2.2 (2012-07-10)

  • Fixed a bug in the previous fix

1.2.1 (2012-07-10)

This release fixes a security issue. You are encouraged to update to it as soon as possible.

  • Fixed the user refreshing to check the identity by primary key instead of username

1.2.0 (2012-04-12)

  • Prefixed fos table names in propel schema with "fos_" to avoid using reserved sql words
  • Added a fluent interface for the entities
  • Added a mailer able to use twig blocks for the each part of the message
  • Fixed the authentication in case of locked or disabled users. Github issue #464
  • Add CSRF protection to the login form
  • Added translations: bg, hr
  • Updated translations
  • Added translations for the validation errors and the login error
  • Removed the user-level algorithm. Use FOSAdvancedEncoderBundle instead if you need such feature.
  • Fixed resetting password clearing the token but not the token expiration. Github issue #501
  • Renamed UsernameToUsernameTransformer to UserToUsernameTransformer and changed its service ID to fos_user.user_to_username_transformer.

1.1.0 (2011-12-15)

  • Added "custom" as valid driver
  • Hide part of the email when requesting a password reset
  • Changed the validation messages to translation keys
  • Added the default validation group by default
  • Fixed updating of changed fields in listener. Github issue #403
  • Added support for Propel
  • Added composer.json
  • Made it possible to override the role constants in derived User class
  • Updated translations: da, de, en, es, et, fr, hu, lb, nl, pl, pt_BR, pt_PT, ru
  • Added translations: ca, cs, it, ja, ro, sk, sl, sv
  • Changed the instanceof check for refreshUser to class instead of interface to allow multiple firewalls and correct use of UnsupportedUserException
  • Added an extension point in the form handlers. Closes #291
  • Rewrote the documentation entirely

1.0.0 (2011-08-01)

  • Initial release