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Upgrade instruction

This document describes the changes needed when upgrading because of a BC break. For the full list of changes, please look at the Changelog file.

1.2 to 2.0


The profile form no longer wraps the user in a CheckPassword class. If you were overriding the form handler, you will need to update it to pass the user object directly.


The FOS\UserBundle\Model\GroupableInterface interface now expects the getGroups method to return a Traversable instead of expecting a Doctrine Collection. Doctrine-based implementation are unchanged but the Propel implementation now returns the PropelCollection instead of wrapping it.

Manager classes

The different Doctrine-based manager classes will be removed on July 31st in favor of the common implementation. If you were extending the UserManager class for a Doctrine implementation, you need to change the parent class to FOS\UserBundle\Doctrine\UserManager.

Propel implementation

The Propel backend does not require the UserProxy anymore as the UserInterface is now implementated on the model itself. you will have to change your config:


    user_class: FOS\UserBundle\Propel\UserProxy
    propel_user_class: FOS\UserBundle\Propel\User


    user_class: FOS\UserBundle\Propel\User

Token generation

The generation of the token is not done by the User class anymore. If you were using the generateToken or generateConfirmationToken in your own code, you need to use the fos_user.util.token_generator service to generate the token.

1.1 to 1.2

This file describes the needed changes when upgrading from 1.1 to 1.2

Removed the user-level algorithm.

If you are experiencing the exception No encoder has been configured for account "Acme\DemoBundle\Entity\User" after upgrading, please consider the following.

The encoder now needs to be configured in the SecurityBundle configuration as described in the official documentation. If you were using the default value of the bundle, the config should look like this to reuse the same settings:

            algorithm: sha512
            encode_as_base64: false
            iterations: 1