[DEPRECATED] A stunning scaffold for quickly start developing modular and scalable REST APIs applications in Ruby with Grape.
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Grape as Ruby REST API Starter Boilerplate (Grrapi)


The objective of this project is to enable super fast & amazing architected development and deployment of REST API projects using Ruby (and Grape as API micro framework) as server side language. You can learn all the benefits Grrapi(Grape as Ruby REST API) will give to you through this documentation.

To be more cleaner, I was tired of moving along pieces of code through all new API project I started, so I decided to create a minimal API starter boilerplate for my projects, and this saved me A LOT of time. (And not only time, but wasted time, cuz I will need to develop again e again things that I've implemented before, so it's not super funny time, and this get worse when you don't have such too much time to spend configurating and doing things that you can automatized to get results faster).

If you want to see an quickly overview, please refer to "1 minute Overview".

Table of Contents

1 minute overview

So ok, are you running of time as a usual and you need to convice your brain that this project deserve the required attention. Fair enough.

So to quickly sumarize: This projects is mounted as a Rails application, but uses Grape as HTTP requests handling. The code is projected to be very modular and well versioned (and documented too).

Just by using this template, you can save weeks of work from your team, this mean gaining a little more of chance to be on air soon, since the development process is acelerated by this pre defined application structure.

Current implemented features:

feature description
πŸ“‹ organizated project modular, standartized and versioned application codebase
πŸ”’ system authentication fully local/system(email/password) user registration and login
βœ… account validation forces users to confirm their email address before logging
πŸ‘₯ social authentication social integrations for login and registrations. Currently supports Facebook and Google Plus
βœ‰οΈ forgot password request password reset e-mail [configurable]
πŸ”‘ password update endpoint to update user password (with validations)
❌ delete account hard or soft delete of user data
🚧 automated deployment for heroku our cloud(such AWS, Digital Ocean)
🚦 configurable environment use system environment variables to ocnfigure sensitive application configurations
πŸ’» front-end client use this AngularJS project as basic starter point for client applications

Things exposed above are really time taking in most of projects, because almost every product have this same key necessities(eg: configuration, deployment) and features(such login, password management, registration). By using Ruby API Starter (Grapi) you can save weeks of work with a very well structured base boilerplate for your projects by starting and deploying your application in matter of minutes.

Interested? Procced to Acknowledgements

How it Works

The project glues all components together and delegate HTTP flow of request-response to Grape

user -> rack -> puma -> rails -> grape -> service -> serializer -> response


πŸ“† Roadmap

  • ◽️ Create demo application with Postman collection available

πŸ‘ Contributing

Bug reports and pull requests are welcome on GitHub at http://github.com/fidelisrafael/Grape-as-Ruby-REST-API-Starter-Boilerplate. This project is intended to be a safe, welcoming space for collaboration, and contributors are expected to adhere to the Contributor Covenant code of conduct.

πŸ“ License

The gem is available as open source under the terms of the MIT License.