Example Service Provider for the MIFARE Classic tutorial in Fidesmo Developer Portal
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Example Service Provider for the MIFARE Classic tutorial in Fidesmo Developer Portal.

It is a very simple server that makes a few MIFARE Classic operations, implementing a counter (of invocations to Ctulhu, a somewhat unsettling pet). It implements two services:

  1. 'invoke' service

Increments a counter stored in a MIFARE memory block. This is the sequence of operations:

  • Get MIFARE Virtual Card. If no virtual card assigned to this service provider exists on the card, a new one is created.
  • If a new card was created, Initialize MIFARE Card
  • Read one block (block 1 of sector 1) and parse the counter value
  • Increment the counter value
  • Write the new counter value on block 1 of sector 1
  1. 'delete' service

  • Deletes the MIFARE Virtual Card created by the 'invoke' service

About the code

Written in Java, using the Spark framework and built using Maven and IntelliJ Idea IDE.

Before building, you need to define the app credentials (assigned to your application in Fidesmo Developer Portal) and the root URL where your app is running as environment variables.

To build from the command line:

export INVOKE_APPID = "xxxxxxxx"
export INVOKE_APPKEYS = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
export INVOKE_ROOT_URL = "http://your-chosen-url"
mvn install

To deploy in Heroku, defining the same environment variables as well:

heroku config:set INVOKE_APPID=xxxxxxxx
heroku config:set INVOKE_APPKEYS=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
heroku config:set INVOKE_ROOT_URL=http://xxxxx.herokuapp.com
git push heroku master```