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  • Added table-layout, a CSS2 property


  • Corrected URL pattern for significant speed improvement on minified CSS


  • Renamed bin/* files to remove ".js" at the end
  • Feature - Additional CSS parsing rules


  • Bugfix issue #6 - Should use /bin/env node instead of /usr/bin/node
  • Bugfix - correct ignored warnings in command-line version
  • Feature - Adding detection of star and underscore hacks
  • Feature - Additional CSS parsing rules
  • Bugfix - correcting webkit-side-or-corner
  • Bugfix - corrected key for language encoding of a message


  • Use OptionParser for command line program's options
  • Bugfix - fixing newlines in comments being reindented


  • Bugfix - some properties need to be case sensitive


  • Added many more tests - now to a good spot with tests


  • Added live HTML view
  • Parsing values and validating that the property's value seems correct
  • Added many tests, but not complete coverage of anything


  • Can tokenize CSS
  • Can parse tokens into CSS objects
  • Has tests for each of the CSS objects and for the tokenizer
  • A couple scripts that are useful for testing changes
  • Initial stab at documentation
  • Web-based textarea test page with live updates
  • Error detection for formats that are invalid
  • Manages all whitespace and works as a beautifier
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