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SmallBASIC Module

SmallBASIC is a programming language that runs on the handheld. With this class, you can convert to/from the .PDB format that the SmallBASIC interpreter uses.

Warning: This class has not yet been tested extensively, so don't use this for mission-critical applications without further testing. However, it does both read and write this format successfully for me, so I expect that it will work for you.

Including into your program

include '';
include 'modules/';

Creating a new database

SmallBASIC files already have a defined type and creator ID. The only thing left for you to do is to specify the name. Usually, this is the name of the file that you are converting.

$DB = new PalmSmallBASIC("MyTest.BAS");
  // Typical usage to create the SmallBASIC file

$pdb = new PalmSmallBASIC();
  // Special:  If you want to create an instance of the class
  // and then use ReadFile() to load the database information

Writing the database

This is the same as the base class. See the API for more information.

To let you know, the first record is the header, and the rest contain separate sections of code. No single section can be bigger than 32k. If, by some fluke, there is a section that is too large, it will be automatically trimmed when the database is written.

Loading the database

This works just like loading files with the base class. Please see the API for further information.

Category Support and Record Attributes

SmallBASIC files do not support categories nor record attributes.

Other functions


Returns the code as a giant string, which can be saved to a regular file. This also adds the #sec: tags to allow simple conversion back to Palm OS format.


Takes the .BAS file and converts it to the internal Palm OS format. It also splits apart the #sec: sections into separate records.

$String = The entire contents of the file that you need converted.

Returns false on success.

If there is an error, returns an array of the [0] section number, [1] section name, and [2] the size of the section in bytes.


$contents = file("your_file.bas");
// You should check to make sure the file
// was loaded properly before proceeding
$contents = implode("", $contents);
$pdb = new PalmSmallBASIC("your_file.bas");