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Spade, version 0.1

Spade is a simple address book editor, written by Roman Schindlauer It's just getting started and shows a great deal of potential.

The current version is 0.1: Download

Warning: Since people can edit the records however they see fit, there might be vulgarity or other assorted nastiness. Also, since Spade is somewhat new, this might crash. However, the database is cleared nightly so problems will disappear and any edits will eventually be lost.

I have made a couple changes to Spade so that it works without errors on my setup, but the changes are very minimal.

As quoted from his email to me:

i attached my Simple ADdressbook Editor (spade :). it expects php-pdb to be a subdirectory, but this path can be changed at the top of index.php, as well as the path of the addressbook pdb file itself. the code is very beta, so don't use your one and only pdb with it :) but actually, i didn't have any critical problems concerning loosing data. if it reaches a release-able stage and you think it fits into the source bundle, you can of course include it! eventually this would be an incentive to make something real useful out of it!

there is no documentation included yet. if you click on a name of the first column, you can edit this record. a deleted record can be undeleted (unless synchronized yet). deleted and edited records are highlighted in the list. there is an http-authentication included, user="user" and password="pwd", both can be changed in auth.php. that's all, basically.

regards, roman