Scripts to generate a dataset with static frames from the Arcade Learning Environment
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Producing of the dataset

  1. Get Torch

  2. Put atari ROMs for freeway, pong, riverraid, seaquest, space_invaders under roms/

    SHA1 sums of the supported ROM files:

    91cc7e5cd6c0d4a6f42ed66353b7ee7bb972fa3f roms/freeway.bin 1ffe89d79d55adabc0916b95cc37e18619ef7830 roms/pong.bin 40329780402f8247f294fe884ffc56cc3da0c62d roms/riverraid.bin 7324a1ebc695a477c8884718ffcad27732a98ab0 roms/seaquest.bin 31d9668fe5812c3d2e076987ca327ac6b2e280bf roms/space_invaders.bin

  3. Build Arcade Learning Environment


  4. Build the Lua wrapper for the Arcade Learning Environment.


  5. Produce the frames.


  6. See some produced frames.

    qlua util/see_frames.lua freeway-train.bin

Any bugs can be reported to