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A collection of machine learning datasets for use with Torch7.
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A collection of easy to use datasets for training and testing machine learning algorithms with Torch7.


m = Mnist.dataset()
d:size()                      -- => 60000
d:sample(100)                 -- => {data = tensor, class = label}

-- scale values between [0,1] (by default they are in the range [0,255])
m = dataset.Mnist({scale = {0, 1}})

-- or normalize (subtract mean and divide by std)
m = dataset.Mnist({normalize = true})

-- only import a subset of the data (imports full 60,000 samples otherwise),
-- sorted by class label
m = dataset.Mnist({size = 1000, sort = true})

To process a randomly shuffled ordering of the dataset:

for sample in m:sampler() do

Or access mini batches:

local batch = m:mini_batch(1)

-- or use directly

-- set the batch size using an options table
local batch = m:mini_batch(1, {size = 100})

To process the full dataset in randomly shuffled mini-batches:

for batch in m:mini_batches() do

Generate animations over 10 frames for each sample, which will randomly rotate, translate, and/or zoom within the ranges passed.

local anim_options = {
    frames      = 10,
    rotation    = {-20, 20},
    translation = {-5, 5, -5, 5},
    zoom        = {0.6, 1.4}
 s = dataset:sampler({animate = anim_options})

Standard pipeline options can be used to add post-processing stages (e.g. binarize and flatten):

 s = dataset:sampler({pad = 5, binarize = true, flatten = true})

Pass a custom pipeline for processing samples:

 s = dataset:sampler({pipeline = my_pipeline})

Create a dataset from bunch of images in a directory

 require 'datset/imageset'
 d = ImageSet.dataset({dir='your-data-directory'})
 while true do w=image.display({image=d().data,win=w}) util.sleep(1/10) end

Create a dataset from bunch of videos in a directory

 require 'datset/videoset'
 d = VideoSet.dataset({dir='KTH'})
 while true do w=image.display({image=d().data,win=w}) util.sleep(1/10) end
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