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Lemon OS

The Lemon Operating System

Lemon OS is a UNIX-like 64-bit operating system written in C++.


Lemon OS Screenshot

Prebuilt Image

Latest Prebuilt Image


See Building Lemon OS


  • Symmetric Multiprocessing (SMP)
  • UNIX Domain Sockets
  • Window Manager/Server (LemonWM)
  • Graphical Shell
  • Writable Ext2 Filesystem
  • IDE and AHCI Driver
  • Dynamic Linking
  • Terminal Emulator w/ 256 colour support
  • Intel 8254x Ethernet Driver
  • Freetype and Libpng Port
  • mlibc C Library Port
  • GnuBoy Port
  • DOOM Port

Work In Progess

  • Network Stack

System requirements

  • 256 MB RAM (512 is more optimal)
  • x86_64 Processor
  • 2 cores/CPUs recommended
  • I/O APIC

Repo Structure

Directory Description
Applications/ Userspace Applications
Base/ Files copied to disk
Kernel/ Lemon Kernel
LibLemon/ LibLemon (Lemon API)
Toolchain/ Cross Compiler Patches
Ports/ Build scripts and patches for ports
Resources/ Images, fonts, etc.
Scripts/ Build Scripts
Screenshots/ Screenshots
System/ Core system programs and services

Lemon OS Screenshot Lemon OS Screenshot

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