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3.4.0: GDPR

@johanneswilm johanneswilm released this
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This release is making it easier to run Fidus Writer as a GDPR-compliant service.

GDPR-related additions:

  • Users are entirely deleted when user requests to close down their account.
  • Plugin hooks for the sign up screen to allow addition of extra questions for bundled services such as a mailing list.
  • Split out privacy policy as separate document

Other major addition:

  • Remove jQuery, jQuery-ui and jQuery datatables from all internal code.
  • Make user interface somewhat more compatible with slightly smaller screens like tablets.
  • Change JavaScript file structure to follow structure and filenames used by django-npm-mjs,
  • Add django-npm-mjs for transpiling.
  • Add an order attribute used in all menus so that plugins can add their own menu items based on order number.
  • Add an "annotation tag" mark in schema to be used by plugins.
  • Add an attribute on documents named 'listed' (default: True). Setting it to False will not list the document in the overview menu. This can be used by plugins that add documents but do not want them to show up on the general documents overview page.
  • Allow comments on footnote contents.

Major Fixes:

  • Fix various Python 3-related issues.
  • Move Travis tests to Python 3.
  • Change heading and styling of tech support tab (Change title from "Feedback" to "Tech support").
  • Handle changes when ProseMirror changes JSON representation with no change to the document.