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Cross references and copyright info

@johanneswilm johanneswilm released this
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Major features:

  • Copyright per document and per media item (mostly used in JATS exporter but can also be incorporated in docs/odt output)
  • Cross references
  • Save document copy with different template than the original document
  • Keyboard shortcut to get out of dialog
  • Word count for selection
  • Find and replace dialog that works with track changes
  • Automatic link to bibliography in outline
  • App looks much better in mobile browsers
  • Better merging when several users went offline and come back online again

Other improvements:

  • Improve automatic PWA client updates
  • Add 404 responses for non-extsing targets in API
  • Usage of stylelint for CSS files
  • Translation updates
  • Add initadmin management command (thanks to @jobdiogenes)
  • Make linting management commands work for linting of plugins
  • Parse all settings by baking them into the code using webpack and not via django template
  • Unify color definitions in just one file


  • Testing in main module now covers 90%
  • Testing added for all plugins