Commits on Oct 6, 2018
  1. Updating YourPlatform Engine

    fiedl committed Oct 6, 2018
    - [4758b7c](fiedl/your_platform@4758b7c) trying to fix undefined method `street_number' for #<Geocoder::Result::Nominatim
  2. Updating YourPlatform Engine

    fiedl committed Oct 6, 2018
    - [dfc1daa](fiedl/your_platform@dfc1daa) trying to fix geocoder interface issue
    - [c625d9b](fiedl/your_platform@c625d9b) fixing signature issue in automatic membership-gap correction
Commits on Sep 16, 2018
Commits on Sep 15, 2018
  1. Sicherheits-Updates: ffi loofah nokogiri rails-html-sanitizer rubyzip…

    fiedl committed Sep 15, 2018
    … sinatra sprockets yard
Commits on Jun 17, 2018
  1. Updating YourPlatform Engine

    fiedl committed Jun 17, 2018
    - [a3e1630](fiedl/your_platform@a3e1630) cookie banner: switch to
    - [4737f09](fiedl/your_platform@4737f09) page fast lane: only cache the page content, not the layout.
    - [68d1491](fiedl/your_platform@68d1491) fixing more specs after activating global cookies notice
    - [ed1dc19](fiedl/your_platform@ed1dc19) specs: confirm cookies on sign-in
    - [0a0ab51](fiedl/your_platform@0a0ab51) fixing test database for executing tests locally
    - [6da38ce](fiedl/your_platform@6da38ce) show cookie notice for all users
    - [9f5fd85](fiedl/your_platform@9f5fd85) cookie notice: link privacy info page
    - [b140122](fiedl/your_platform@b140122) cookie notice: make the font brighter
    - [cc31924](fiedl/your_platform@cc31924) features: list Doing from trello there
    - [7c7a036](fiedl/your_platform@7c7a036) trello integration: render cards via css
    - [831c6ea](fiedl/your_platform@831c6ea) trying to list trello feature cards via embedding js
    - [423b389](fiedl/your_platform@423b389) adding user interface for configuring the trello integration
    - [3742d74](fiedl/your_platform@3742d74) install ruby-trello gem
Commits on Jun 13, 2018
  1. Merge pull request #80 from fiedl/jbx26-ticket_16460

    fiedl committed Jun 13, 2018
    "Datenschutz" hartkodiert im Footer anzeigen
Commits on Jun 12, 2018
  1. Einzug verbessert

    jbx26 committed Jun 12, 2018
  2. Privacy_path gibt es nicht

    jbx26 committed Jun 12, 2018
    Also relativen Pfad angeben
Commits on Jun 8, 2018
Commits on May 23, 2018
  1. Updating YourPlatform Engine

    fiedl committed May 23, 2018
    - [ad58eeb](fiedl/your_platform@ad58eeb) include Page#public_website_page_ids in #public_websites_page_ids
  2. Your-Platform-Update

    fiedl committed May 23, 2018
  3. Entferne obsolete Links aus Footer

    fiedl committed May 23, 2018
    - IRC
    - Mumble
    - Datenschutz: Wird per Footer-Link aus Homepage gelöst
Commits on May 16, 2018
  1. Updating YourPlatform Engine

    fiedl committed May 16, 2018
    - [57f37e8](fiedl/your_platform@57f37e8) deactivate generic request logging
    - [958a030](fiedl/your_platform@958a030) fixing url subdomain issue
    - [285f08c](fiedl/your_platform@285f08c) use youtube-dl to make the podcast feed use youtube raw urls
    - [d2d5adb](fiedl/your_platform@d2d5adb) view counter: hitting the same url multiple times in one minute counts as one hit
    - [ba7903b](fiedl/your_platform@ba7903b) pipe podcast feed through our own controller in order to count plays
    - [69e49a9](fiedl/your_platform@69e49a9) youtube: hide video suggestions
    - [f9ab0af](fiedl/your_platform@f9ab0af) click counter for youtube teaser videos
    - [e7dbe47](fiedl/your_platform@e7dbe47) click counter for teaser html5 videos
    - [ad28607](fiedl/your_platform@ad28607) adding auto_html filter for youtube with activated script api
    - [2861eb0](fiedl/your_platform@2861eb0) fixing "undefined podcast_icon"
    - [f283be6](fiedl/your_platform@f283be6) adding podcast subscription button in blog side bar
    - [3ec47b0](fiedl/your_platform@3ec47b0) podcast rss: switch protocol to pcast
    - [823dfe5](fiedl/your_platform@823dfe5) log page views with impressionist
    - [c9b77b7](fiedl/your_platform@c9b77b7) fixing "undefined method `current_logo_url'"
    - [cc3ffdf](fiedl/your_platform@cc3ffdf) installing impressionist gem and running db migrations
    - [190b450](fiedl/your_platform@190b450) trying to fix rss feed for sites with multiple home pages
    - [4bf5c76](fiedl/your_platform@4bf5c76) fixing subscription input field css
    - [d8d3144](fiedl/your_platform@d8d3144) trying to fix logo mechanism
    - [ee6e840](fiedl/your_platform@ee6e840) trying to fix issue "undefined method `parameters' for nil:NilClass"
    - [f24fe8e](fiedl/your_platform@f24fe8e) improve rss feed to include itunes info
    - [f2d4abb](fiedl/your_platform@f2d4abb) logo url: use url rather than path
    - [16d616c](fiedl/your_platform@16d616c) make logo settings more clear
    - [bf7a940](fiedl/your_platform@bf7a940) fixing comments specs for optional comments
    - [07971f3](fiedl/your_platform@07971f3) fixing "undefined method `subscriber_group' for #<Page"
    - [bc9b98b](fiedl/your_platform@bc9b98b) adding podcast rss feed
    - [cdcc7f0](fiedl/your_platform@cdcc7f0) fixing "undefined method `title' for nil:NilClass"
    - [fe64760](fiedl/your_platform@fe64760) prefer `User#display_name` field over the reguar title
    - [af7110e](fiedl/your_platform@af7110e) moving user-name methods into concern
    - [4e3201a](fiedl/your_platform@4e3201a) blog post meta: fixing display filter
    - [489d951](fiedl/your_platform@489d951) can read public bio of users also if the target user has no account
    - [0dd1ed5](fiedl/your_platform@0dd1ed5) making the suggestion textarea autosized
    - [af9b83b](fiedl/your_platform@af9b83b) fixing contributor filter and moving it to the model layer
    - [09f6e7e](fiedl/your_platform@09f6e7e) make blog-post comments optional
    - [82c7115](fiedl/your_platform@82c7115) adding user bio to user_posts#index
    - [4e9aa3a](fiedl/your_platform@4e9aa3a) when showing blog posts by author, also consider hosts and guests (contributors)
    - [15711f3](fiedl/your_platform@15711f3) users may not have a first name if the site uses only pseudonyms
    - [c965a3b](fiedl/your_platform@c965a3b) adding hosts and guests to blog posts
    - [30063f1](fiedl/your_platform@30063f1) remove leading slash in box meta
    - [d96e7ba](fiedl/your_platform@d96e7ba) fixing video css
    - [3dc56c6](fiedl/your_platform@3dc56c6) improving rss feeds ui
    - [2f2d650](fiedl/your_platform@2f2d650) improving subscribe-via-email ui
    - [414b459](fiedl/your_platform@414b459) adding option to drop turbolinks for certain layouts
    - [cdc6cda](fiedl/your_platform@cdc6cda) fixing "locals undefined"
    - [172737c](fiedl/your_platform@172737c) cinema bar: making video tag 100% wide
    - [766dd31](fiedl/your_platform@766dd31) showing cinema bar also in the bootstrap layout.
    - [4e29fd2](fiedl/your_platform@4e29fd2) blog_posts#index: fixing video margins
    - [fdb553f](fiedl/your_platform@fdb553f) blog_posts#show: hide the vertical nav
    - [aaf5f40](fiedl/your_platform@aaf5f40) blog_posts#show: adding some blog info to the side bar as well
    - [8e3d076](fiedl/your_platform@8e3d076) blog_posts#show: moving meta into the side bar
    - [fd1d0a2](fiedl/your_platform@fd1d0a2) move the video to the cinema bar via javascript rather than conditional rendering
    - [59aff1e](fiedl/your_platform@59aff1e) add black area above and below video as a visual separator
    - [e927e68](fiedl/your_platform@e927e68) fixing box heading margins
    - [6b55d4a](fiedl/your_platform@6b55d4a) adding cinema bar for blog posts
    - [d420b2d](fiedl/your_platform@d420b2d) support videos as blog post teasers
    - [64b6dae](fiedl/your_platform@64b6dae) teaser text: fixing "no implicit conversion of nil into String"
    - [ea77ee7](fiedl/your_platform@ea77ee7) pages: add support for embedding video files via pasting the url.
Commits on May 4, 2018
  1. Updating YourPlatform Engine

    fiedl committed May 4, 2018
    - [21b001b](fiedl/your_platform@21b001b) events#show: quick fix: do not hide attachments box on smartphones
    - [2cd60e9](fiedl/your_platform@2cd60e9) updating node-sass
    - [0bbdc69](fiedl/your_platform@0bbdc69) fixing failing spec
    - [ac12587](fiedl/your_platform@ac12587) sync birthdays to the neo4j user records.
    - [06dc70d](fiedl/your_platform@06dc70d) committing previous work on iweb attachments (12/2017)
    - [04a4bf4](fiedl/your_platform@04a4bf4) committing previous work on iweb horizontal nav (12/2017)
Commits on Feb 27, 2018
  1. Specs: Verwende standardmäßig Selenium. Zu PhantomJS nur ausweichen, …

    fiedl committed Feb 27, 2018
    …wenn die Umgebungsvariable `PHANTOMJS` gesetzt ist.
Commits on Jan 29, 2018
  1. RailsERD-Patch nur verwenden, wenn RailsERD auch geladen ist.

    fiedl committed Jan 29, 2018
    Andernfalls (test, production) ist ein Booten der Anwendung nicht möglich.
Commits on Jan 24, 2018
  1. Füge rails-erd zur Generierung eines Entity-Relationship-Diagramms hi…

    fiedl committed Jan 24, 2018
    Das Diagramm kann mit `bundle install && rbenv rehash && bundle exec erd` erstellt werden und erzeugt die Datei `erd.pdf` im Verzeichnis der Wingolfsplattform.
Commits on Jan 5, 2018
  1. Renew-Cache wieder aktivieren.

    fiedl committed Jan 5, 2018
    Die beiden Methoden, um zum vorigen Mechanismus zurückzufallen, haben nicht problemlos funktioniert. Die erste Variante war noch besser, erneuterte aber nicht alle Methoden, sodass ein Spec fehlschlug. Die zweite lässt einige Specs fehlschlagen, vermutlich, weil durch den Override die Verkettung von `fill_cache` nicht mehr funktioniert.
    Ich aktiviere den neuen Mechanismus wieder, damit zumindest der aktuelle Patch deployt werden kann. Danach muss der Rückfall in den alten Caching-Mechanismus nocheinmal systematisch angegangen werden.änderungen-für-willi
  2. Renew-Cache: Stattdessen Delete-Cache ausführen.

    fiedl committed Jan 5, 2018
    Das einfache Deaktivieren des neuen Mechanismus ist zu spezifisch. Es
    werden nicht alle notwendigen Werte zurückgesetzt, weswegen ein Spec
    fehlschlägt, der weiter untersucht werden kann.
        rspec ./spec/features/mark_user_as_deceased_spec.rb:14
    Allerdings kann das Problem möglicherweise besser gelöst werden, wenn
    schlicht der gesamte Cache eines Records geleert wird.änderungen-für-willi
  3. Updating YourPlatform Engine

    fiedl committed Jan 5, 2018
    - [79b7149](fiedl/your_platform@79b7149) fixing time-dependent spec
    - [d527fe0](fiedl/your_platform@d527fe0) Possibly fixing an issue where status groups have been linked to `/attachments`.
  4. Updating YourPlatform Engine

    fiedl committed Jan 5, 2018
    - [50b8560](fiedl/your_platform@50b8560) sort exported address label pdfs by name
    - [013716b](fiedl/your_platform@013716b) sort exported lists by nameänderungen-für-willi
Commits on Dec 20, 2017
  1. Updating YourPlatform Engine

    fiedl committed Dec 20, 2017
    - [64315e6](fiedl/your_platform@64315e6) fixing
  2. Updating YourPlatform Engine

    fiedl committed Dec 20, 2017
    - [c867b78](fiedl/your_platform@c867b78) `Group#member_table_rows` must work also for group types that only define `Group#members` not `#memberships`
Commits on Dec 19, 2017
Commits on Dec 16, 2017
  1. YourPlatform-Update: `Page#locale`

    fiedl committed Dec 16, 2017
    - [6482934](fiedl/your_platform@6482934)
    support adding a locale to a `Page`.ü
  2. Updating YourPlatform Engine

    fiedl committed Dec 16, 2017
    - [f941b0c](fiedl/your_platform@f941b0c) using `/renew_cache` for a page also touches the connected pages