Login to Contao CMS using a token only (just a test / POC)
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Token Login

This Code describes a module to allow Login with a token alone (as opposed to username+password).

To achieve this we do the following: username and token are semantically swapped as

  • we can not have one username having multiple passwords.
  • but we can have different user names always having the same password! The token which technically is the username will serve as the password.

Changes to the regular login process

  1. Extend the regular login module (ModuleTokenlogin extends \ModuleLogin)
  2. Provide a special login form that takes care of the changes. This form will not have a password field.
  3. Set the (POST-)value so the regular login module will be happy.
  4. Register a method for the importUser hook that creates a new member. See classes/MyHooks::importFromTokenlist() for an example.