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generic event data for your Django models (based on fiee-dorsale)
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fiëé témporâle

Generic event data for your Django models, based on django-swingtime by David A. Krauth (dakrauth) (at the moment it’s mostly his code, that will probably change).

Use this to add arbitrary date-based relations to your models, e.g. a person has a birthday, some life events and an obit; a blog post has a creation date, a publishing date, an date of last edit and a revocation date; a magazine issue has a publication day, editorial and advertising deadlines etc.

Or you might have a timetable of recurring courses, like in swingtime’s original demo app.

Using dateutil’s repetition rules, you can configure rather complicated occurrence patterns.

Finally show all your dates in a nice calendar or timeline view.


These generic events are good if you’d like to show very different events together in one calendar.

If you have very uniform event-based models, then this might be too complex for you. I didn’t check yet, but I guess it hits the database rather hard.


You don’t need to change your models at all, but it’s easier if you add:

events = django.contrib.contenttypes.generic.GenericRelation(temporale.models.Event)


Known Issues

  • fork of my personal version of swingtime, not yet working at all
  • timeline view not started (planned with SIMILE widget)


BSD, like Django itself, see LICENSE (may not entirely be allowed, must still check licenses of used code)


  • David A. Krauth (dakrauth)
  • fiëé visuëlle, Henning Hraban Ramm, <>,
  • contains code from the Django project and other sources (as indicated in the code)
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