A suite of tools for uv-mapping video content, applied to projection mapping and lens correction and other purposes.
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quartz composer


UV Mapper Tools


The UV Mapper Tools provide an alternative to classic projection mapping animation and calibration techniques, but the tools can also be used for other purposes such as lens corrections for video.


A re-imagined tool, which is currently under heavy construction as a collaboration between fieldOfView and z25.org. The new tool will leverage Qt, OpenCv and OpenGl, and will be cross platform on most major platforms (Windows, OS X and Linux).


UV Player and UV Tool are native applications for OS X and Windows, leveraging OpenGL to apply UV mapping techniques in real time using the GPU for processing. These applications are based on the Cinder framework, and rely on Apple's Quicktime for video playback. UV Player is ready for production, but UV Tool is deprecated in favour of a Qt-based application.

pixel bender

An Adobe Pixel Bender kernel which can be used to apply UV Maps to video content in Adobe After Effects CS5 and CS5.5. Given sufficiently capable hardware, the Pixel Bender kernel can be executed on the GPU.

quartz composer

A Quartz Composer patch which can be used to apply UV Maps to video content inside Quartz Composer or other environments that support Quartz compositions.


The UV Mapper Tools sources are released under the Modified BSD License.

In a nutshell, this means you are free to use the software and its source code in your projects. If you use the source code in another software project, you are required to add attribution to the author(s). You are encouraged to share the your source code under a similar fashion, but it is not a requirement.

If you use the software regularly, you may consider making a donation so I can afford to continue making these plugins and making them available. If you use the source code in a commercial application, and/or bundle such software with a hardware product, I would love to receive a copy or unit. But again this is not a requirement.