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Analytics Manager for OpenFL

Basic structure to connect your game with a simple database


  • Send data to the server
  • Model of a simple structure with basic data
  • Converts the data to JSON format easy to parse in any language at server
  • Can handle different requests to different tables in a database

You basically use the AnalyticsManager.hx class as a singleton.

First Initialize it using the InitInstance function, pass the name of the database as parameter.

Use the function SendDataToServer(url,table,anaData,onComplete,onIOError,db) to store or handle data in the server as you wish.

  • URL: the path to the server
  • Table: the name of the table in the database
  • AnaData: class that inherits from AnalyticsData which contains some basic data
  • OnComplete: a callback for a successful call
  • OnIOError: if there is any error with the request, you can handle it here
  • DB: in case you want to call another database, you can do it

This is still in development, I have to fix bugs and keep improving it but the basic functionality is there.

Feel free to contact me: