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Fifengine Demos Python 2.7 Compatiblity


The CEGUI demo shows, how to work with CrazyEddie's GUI. The demo requires PyCEGUI.


Last but not least there is an example client residing in <FIFE>/demos/pychan_demo that shows how the pychan GUI library works. Start the GUI demo application by running

Rio De Hola

Rio de hola is a technology demo showing off many of the FIFE features. It is located in the <FIFE>/demos/rio_de_hola directory and can be launched by running It was at one time meant to be an example game but we have moved away from that idea and it is now more of a technology demo and a playground for developers to test their code. It does serve as a good starting point for people wishing to play around with FIFE or base your game off of.


A demo using librocket.


A basic RPG example.


The Shooter demo was an attempt to show the versatility and flexibility of FIFE. It is a simple side scrolling shooter that has a main menu, one level and an end boss. Try your luck and see if you can defeat the boss!

Configuring the Editor and Demos

The engine utilizes special settings files for configuring FIFE. This file is called settings.xml and resides in the ~/.fife directory (in <User>\Application Data\fife for Windows users). The Shooter Demo and the PyChan demo are exceptions. They both store their settings.xml file in their root directories.

NOTE that the settings.xml file is auto generated and wont be there until you run the demos for the first time. FIFE automatically fills the settings file with default values. For more information on FIFE settings please see the manual: