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Welcome to the fifengine (fife for short) wiki! Over the next few months we will slowly be migrating our current wiki to Github. This is where you will find all the info you need to work on and/or with fife!

About fife

fife is a cross platform game creation framework. It provides you with the ability to create a game using C++ or Python interfaces. This means you need to have little to no knowledge of C++ to make a game!

We tried to make fife as flexible as possible so it is not tied to any genre in specific. You can make just about any 2D game with fife but it is more geared toward a RTS or RPG in just about any view style (isometric or top-down).

Making a game with fife

  • fife manual - This project has not been kicked off yet
  • Python Tutorials
  • C++ Tutorials
  • FIFErpg - FIFErpg is a framework for creating games utilizing a component-based entity system

Guides and information for developers

Archived readonly SVN repo

To browse our OLD SVN repo goto our websvn repo browser. You can also checkout the old repo by typing svn co http://fifengine.net/fifesvnrepo/trunk if you so desire.

Archived wiki

Our old wiki is still available here if you need to reference something. Please note that all information there should be considered outdated as it is no longer maintainted.

Contributing (we need your help!)

Interested in fife and want to help out? Do you see something that needs improving? Better yet, do you have a solution to one of our open issues? We have great need in all sorts of areas in fife and would graciously accept any contributions you have to offer!

We are especially looking for:

  • Engine developers - All skill levels in C++ and Python
  • Web designers - Our website needs an overhaul
  • Packagers - We need people to help package fife on all operating systems (automate?)
  • Artists - They are always welcome to contribute some art where it's needed

Check out the Contributing article for more information!


So you would like to ask a question, chat or just yell at us for something? We use several forms of communication for you to do just that:

  • IRC - #fife on irc.freenode.net
  • Forums - Community and developer forums

Generally if we are working on fife we will log into IRC and hang out there. Feel free to stop by and say hi!