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Flexible Isometric Free Engine (FIFE) is a multi-platform isometric game engine written in C++. It comes with Python bindings allowing users to create games using Python as well as C++. The engine is extendable and enables you to add any feature you can imagine to your project.

It's a very flexible game creation framework and not tied to any genre, but geared towards an RTS or RPG using an isometric or top-down view style.

Contributing (we need your help!)

Interested in fife and want to help out? Do you see something that needs improving? Better yet, do you have a solution to one of our open issues? We have great need in all sorts of areas in fife and would graciously accept any contributions you have to offer!

Check out the Contributing article for more information!


So you would like to ask a question, chat or just yell at us for something? We use several forms of communication for you to do just that:

  • IRC - #fife on (Freenode is down. Moved to discord)
  • Forums - Community and developer forums (Forums are down)
  • Discord Invite - Discord Server (NEW!)

The Discord server is new so please join and lets get this community going again!

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