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base fork: fifthroom/pods
head fork: fifthroom/pods
Commits on Aug 02, 2012
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Components cleanup e2e7657
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Updates to enable HTML5 input fields (off by default now); Fixes to s…
…lug creation and unique slug handler
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark HTML5 optional date field fix 2642f71
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark $type reference fix e2f7c27
Commits on Aug 03, 2012
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Capabilities fix e1ea1ec
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Pods Wizard CSS/LESS #70 d11500b
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Wizard / Upgrade testing and assets add; Reformatting tabs 994a193
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Upgrade / Wizard methods 3ab87f2
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Register/Enqueue Wizard CSS; Add pods_form_ui_field_html5 filter to t…
…oggle html5 field defaults for on/off
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Wizard JS updates f281147
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Upgrade/Wizard markup updates 81da6f4
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark CSS fixes for input fields in admin 8db51a6
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Another CSS fix for checkboxes with no label 1e07674
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark CSS hover tweaks b5c7257
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark PodsView fix for caching 7c22b51
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Caching of field values looked up b080333
Commits on Aug 04, 2012
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark CPT label fix, GitHub updater PHP notice fix 070ee32
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Fixes for meta box handling to support Tabify f6624d0
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Wizard updates, needs some css tweaks now that it's inside the wrap div 5cf23d4
Commits on Aug 06, 2012
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Extra line break remove, this is like a really tiny baby commit c9aa164
Commits on Aug 07, 2012
Tim Sheehan Adjustments to wizard styling for global conflicts 0f67101
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Form Submit and updates for Wizard c51977d
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Pods 2.0 Alpha 35 - Brand new 'Add New Pod' wizard UI! 66ee56c
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Text tweak for Add New Pod screen 6f4441a
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Fixes to JS for new option-specific content 64e0748
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark JS fix for Start Over 8378f7b
Commits on Aug 08, 2012
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Upgrade Wizard work be158ab
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark width removal on markup, put into css 9abcd17
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Upgrade Wizard tweaks, test AJAX 01f1e8f
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Fixes to faux upgrade 199f956
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Updated handling to sync counts to migrate screen 9e533f9
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Quick fixes 2933b44
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Updates for object get_* functions, WPML duplicate post check, upgrad…
…e now pulls in correct counts of old 1.x tables
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Quick CSS fix for error padding in upgrade wizard a7e2440
Commits on Aug 09, 2012
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Use warning class instead of error for notices in Upgrade wizard 78d7e91
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Fix to Add New Pod wizard; Upgrade wizard updates 94a46ea
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Fix to not drop old tables 38fa4a4
@sc0ttkclark sc0ttkclark Upgrade updates, relationships remain dd9b354
@mikedamage mikedamage Merge branch '2.0' of into 2.0 5a8fc6c