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For slowlane.js and an awesome protest in support of Net Neutrality.
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StopTheSlowLane Widget

Slowing down the web to protest the FCC and save Net Neutrality!

Main project site here!

See the widget in action here!


The FCC could soon let Internet providers charge websites to access a bogus "fast lane" and slow down every site that doesn't pay. Do you want a slower Internet? Neither do we. Show the world what the FCC's "slow lane" looks like by embedding the #StopTheSlowLane Widget on your site!

Installation instructions

To add the #StopTheSlowLane widget to your site, simply add the following code to the HEAD section of your page (after all scripts and CSS)

    <style id="_sl_hide" type="text/css">body { display: none; }</style>
	<script src=""></script>

If you're feeling extra seditious, there's a special version of the animation that rips Comcast / Time Warner and simulates a progressive loading blur on the whole page. You can use the alternate version by adding this _sl_options block before you include the slowlane.js script:

	<script type="text/javascript">
		var _sl_options = {
			animation: 'blur'

We are working on adding more animations, including a "lite" version that doesn't block out the whole site.

Testing instructions

The widget uses a cookie to only show once on your site. If you're testing it and you want to always see it, (re)load the page with #ALWAYS_SHOW_SL_WIDGET in the URL (eg:

Adding your own animations

More info coming soon! For now, fork this repo, work on your own improvements to the intro animation, and be in touch.

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