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11/18: Hope to push an updated code base very soon from the last video.

Oscilloscope: also check out Bossk:

Please e-mail Scott if you would like help selecting inexpensive equipment to use for this project.

Missing Pieces

  • telnet socket
  • boxes demo DONE.
  • full descriptions of demos
  • node.js demo starter docs :) [ bash easy! ]
  • development branches vs. versions
  • hardware rec’s
  • separate time loops for: sample rate, screen refresh DONE
  • widgetize :)
  • 10/20 p.js module with meridians & color-coded markers


Scripting (documentation)

  • source, channel
  • video
  • oscilloscope DONE
  • score / meter DONE
  • audio/midi
  • bandpass filters (alpha/beta/delta/theta/gamma)
  • thresholds
  • server(s)
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