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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?> <opml version="1.0"> <head> <title>presentation.xml</title> <dateCreated>Thu, 27 Jul 2000 01:35:52 GMT</dateCreated> <dateModified>Fri, 15 Sep 2000 09:05:37 GMT</dateModified> <ownerName>Dave Winer</ownerName> <ownerEmail></ownerEmail> <expansionState></expansionState> <vertScrollState>1</vertScrollState> <windowTop>317</windowTop> <windowLeft>252</windowLeft> <windowBottom>514</windowBottom> <windowRight>634</windowRight> </head> <body> <outline text="Welcome to Frontier 5!"> <outline text="What is Frontier?"/> <outline text="It's a Content Management System"/> </outline> <outline text="Why Manage Content?"> <outline text="Form separated from content"/> <outline text="Make it easy to change the look of a site"/> <outline text="Keep the technical stuff out of the way of writers"/> <outline text="Let designers work without having to deal with writers"/> <outline text="Everyone works on what they do best"/> </outline> <outline text="Three groups"> <outline text="Writers write"/> <outline text="Designers design"/> <outline text="Geeks keep everything working"/> <outline text="Frontier is for the geeks"/> </outline> <outline text="How does Content Flow?"> <outline text="Thru LANs, watched, shared folders"/> <outline text="HTTP Put protocol"/> <outline text="Email"/> </outline> <outline text="Cookie-cutter or workbench?"> <outline text="No two organizations work the same way"/> <outline text="You need a highly customizable environment to make it work"/> <outline text="A cookie-cutter approach is a dead-end"/> <outline text="Frontier is &lt;i&gt;designed&lt;/i&gt; for customization"/> <outline text="It's a website system workbench"/> </outline> <outline text="Frontier is an environment"> <outline text="Everything is integrated"/> <outline text="Much more powerful"/> <outline text="Much higher performance"/> <outline text="Key point!"/> </outline> <outline text="The Object Database is the Center"> <outline text="Everything is built around a fast scalable object database"/> <outline text="Millions of hours of burn-in"/> <outline text="Hierarchical"/> <outline text="It's also the symbol table for the language"/> </outline> <outline text="The scripting language"> <outline text="Patterned after C, totally dynamic"/> <outline text="No need for structure symbols, semicolons or curly braces"/> <outline text="Because it's integrated with a revolutionary script editor"/> </outline> <outline text="The script editor"> <outline text="Is an outliner"/> <outline text="Expand a construct to see the detail"/> <outline text="Collapse it to hide detail"/> <outline text="When you move a statement, all the statements under it move too"/> <outline text="This may be the single most revolutionary feature in Frontier"/> </outline> <outline text="Complete script debugger"> <outline text="Set a breakpoint"/> <outline text="Step into and out of procedure calls"/> <outline text="Easily examine all data while a script is running"/> </outline> <outline text="Object oriented website framework"> <outline text="Link management with hierarchical glossaries"/> <outline text="Inherited and overridable attributes"/> <outline text="Filter scripts also allow overrides and multiple content flows"/> <outline text="All content is stored in database"/> </outline> <outline text="The runtime environment"> <outline text="Full built-in TCP support via inetd"/> <outline text="Fully supports client and server HTTP"/> <outline text="Fully multi-threaded"/> <outline text="Large comprehensive verb set"/> <outline text="Background processes, agents"/> <outline text="Semaphores"/> </outline> <outline text="Editing tools"> <outline text="The object database editor is an outliner"/> <outline text="Outlines are a great format for complex HTML"/> <outline text="Simple text editor with easy HTML commands"/> </outline> <outline text="Key Components of Frontier"> <outline text="Integrated database storage system"/> <outline text="Object oriented website framework"/> <outline text="Powerful scripting environment with development tools, debugger"/> <outline text="Outliner and text tools"/> <outline text="Link management"/> <outline text="Multithreaded runtime"/> <outline text="Comprehensive verb set"/> </outline> <outline text="Frontier is content management"> <outline text="It's not an application development environment"/> <outline text="It *is* a content management system"/> <outline text="Suitable for a newspaper or magazine"/> <outline text="A marketing department"/> <outline text="A university department"/> </outline> <outline text="A brief history of Frontier"> <outline text="Automated DTP production with Quark and PageMaker on Mac (1992-93)"/> <outline text="Transitioned to the web in 1996"/> <outline text="Ships 1/28/98 for Win32 and Mac"/> <outline text="Websites are cross platform!"/> <outline text="So are many utility scripts"/> <outline text="It's the first truly cross-platform web scripting environment"/> </outline> <outline text="A brief future of Frontier"> <outline text="Ease of use is our focus"/> <outline text="Remote procedure calling"/> <outline text="Sandboxes with scripted firewalls"/> <outline text="Scalable content"/> <outline text="XML"/> </outline> </body> </opml>